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Appeal to the students and old students of the Bethlen Gabor College

       Dear mates!
       When I speak about student years, the first thing which comes to your mind is the "tornakert"(gymnastics garden), am I right?
       All of us have great memories there. Well, this place now needs help. Some of the old students decided to help renovating by financial support and voluntary work.
       They started it in February. They cleaned the place, they put new fence etc. We would also like to put grass in it and plant more trees. We need your help!
       You can be a volunteer or you can help us by material support.
       We're inclined to always complain and criticize, but we don't have the right until we do anything possible to help. Defend and protect the legacy you got from the Bethlen College.
       Get in touch with the organizers, experience the joy of helping! Let's save together the "tornakert"(gymnastics garden)!

       This article achieved many positive feedbacks, because a lot of old students decided to help, so we organized a meeting in December of 2009 by the initiative of Csaba Kelemen (an old student) and the enthusiasm of the sport teachers and directors. We talked about and planned a lot of things, but for the beginning we decided to clean the "tornakert"(gymnastics garden).
       We met and we cleaned it with axes and other things and we also put a new fence.

       For everybody, who helped us, we would like to thank you for all your
support and help, we appreciate it!
       Physical education and sport will help the students to appreciate their
peers, and learn how to form a regular physical activity behavior.

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