BGK Sport
       In the Bethlen Gábor College, sport has a great tradition.
It was one of the first schools, which recognized the meaning
of sport in time.

       They began the teaching of it for children to stay and
grow healthy.
       We have information about sport associations, which in the 20th century had the objective of keeping the physical power and strengthen it.

       One of these associations was the Body Training Association from Aiud (Nagyenyedi Testgyakorló Egyesület) which had youngsters as members.
       The other was the NTK which was founded in 1914 and even had a swimming group.
       After everybody recommended us to found a sport association, we decided to make it, so in 2009 we made it.
       We voted for a president, a vice-president and did all this job.
       We even got an official recognition of our association. Everybody can become a member, but with one condition: to comply with the rules.

       The students and teachers were obliged to be a part of it. The membership price is 10 lei/year and this sum is accumulated by the student director of each class.

       Join us, you will have a lot of fun. You won't regret!

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